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Have fun and feel good. These brands are giving us a healthier drinking culture.

In a culturally advancing world where increasingly we are motivated and mindful about health, people are searching for more elevated ways to indulge in the social act of “drinking”.

“A mindful shift is happening in our Western drinking culture.” 

- Siska Lyssens from Wallpaper*

Like the next person, we all enjoy a nice drink or two (or maybe three). Social drinking can be a fun way to relieve some stress, but are the resulting negative effects worth it? People are becoming increasingly conscious of the choice and more and more are mindful about their well-being. Particularly millennials, they want to indulge in the social act, without getting messy and feeling the adverse effects afterwards. As a result of this cultural initiative, there is an emerging trend in America to create guilt-free, healthier alternatives to the typical alcoholic drink.

Three upcoming American brands in particular - Haus, Artizn and Kin Euphorics - are jumping on the opportunity of this shift and giving us effective beverage options without the hangover. It’s for people who want to be able to essentially “drink all night but still feel good”.

From a brand that creates all-natural apéritifs with a low alcohol content, and another that plays on the apple cider vinegar health trend incorporating antioxidants and organic acids, to a brand that even experiments with cognitive enhancers and physiological balancers to get a buzz. 

"The options we had were too sweet, too alcoholic and too artificial. We couldn’t find the drink we were looking for, so we made it ourselves. "

- Founders of Haus

One of the brands, Haus, still has alcohol content - in fact slightly more than wine - but significantly lower than that of the average liquor. Designed to work nicely with classic mixers in your fridge, be used as a base to your favourite cocktail or to be enjoyed on the rocks, it is a light and delicious product. Made with all natural ingredients, it has a significantly lower sugar content than a typical drink - a combination that evades hangovers. And if that isn’t enough, the beautifully designed bottles are sure to add a nice element to your home!

Sounds promising and we can’t wait to try. Check out this article from Wallpaper* to find out more about each of these beverages that are designed to change the way we drink today.

Rethinking drink: three entrepreneurs taking the edge off alcohol


All photos via Haus