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Enjoy the Good Life


A private members club for people who enjoy the good life. 
Inspiring encounters, sophisticated ambience, 
good food and a fine sense of style. NFT Memberships provide access to OXO environments, venues and events that money can’t buy.

Not only the Metaverse, more than games - this is real-life places, experiences and connections where anything and everything is possible.

Pre-launch exclusive Premium Memberships are available by invitation  only.

- To access the members area connect your Metamask wallet holding your Membership NFT - 

OXO Office



The OXO Collective was founded in 2021 by creative entrepreneur Johannes Weissenbaeck, crypto pioneer Shank Kaye and distinguished hotelier Michael Luible.


“It is our pleasure to enjoy a refined lifestyle. Sophisticated environments and a private community ready to live the good life.”


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Membership Enquiries


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Partner Enquiries



If you are interested in becoming a member of the OXO Collective feel free to contact us.