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A new design installation. OMA unveils the golden KUBE.

A golden cube serves as a new landmark outside the design mecca K11 Musea in Hong Kong.

A simple gold cube has popped up amidst Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour waterfront. 


"a distinctive and intimate place for encounters and happenings"


Called KUBE at K11 MUSEA, it is an installation designed by Dutch firm OMA, in partnership with K11 Musea and %ARABICA coffee shop to serve as a unique multi-function design installation, where passers-by can grab a coffee, mingle, and enjoy the rare uninterrupted views of Victoria Harbour.

It’s location is very fitting. K11 Musea is Hong Kong’s new art, dining and retail complex dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Culture”, and the KUBE is located in front of the main entrance. The design of the cube is influenced by Hong Kong’s traditional open air food stalls, but taken up to a new level by OMA. Its exterior is made up of aluminium panels that feature an anodised golden finish, allowing the KUBE to reflect the colours of the busy Hong Kong skyline. It is accompanied by a seating area made up of black marble cube-shaped tables and chairs.

With its rare amount of outdoor space and spectacular views, the KUBE has plans to host future large-scale events, where a giant red balloon will act as a physical Google Maps pin visible across the skyline.

Inevitably a new urban landmark, the vision of the KUBE is not only to serve as an iconic design feature but also to be a space symbolic for Hong Kong’s contemporary community culture.

Simple, design-led, functional, iconic. We like.


All photos via OMA