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Welcome to the OXO blog, a place to keep up to date about what inspires us. 


We have curated a selection of casual reads; articles, features, guides and events to feed your mind. Take a look and keep up to date with all things design and lifestyle that we find interesting.


Flying Nest. The new nomadic accommodation concept by Ora-ïto.

A hotel that can travel around the world and go with you wherever you want, and exactly where you want.

A new design installation. OMA unveils the golden KUBE.

A golden cube serves as a new landmark outside the design mecca K11 Musea in Hong Kong.

Inside a luxury camper van.

A futuristic van concept by German manufacturer Hymer brings high-end living to the most minimal of spaces.

Architectural Digest presents: The future of workplace design.

We take these workplace trends into consideration as we begin to research and design OXO Workland.

A look at the OXO Group

Our projects and ventures encourage people to make conscious choices that improve quality of time and space.

OXO Townhouses. Raising the bar of smart living in Indonesia.

Stunning yet affordable and sustainable. See how we are trying to create a rewarding, intuitive and effortless living experience.